From our homestead you can also enyoy the breathtaking view of Bela krajina landscape unfolding below.

In case you are going on a trip to Bela krajina it is certainly worth mentioning the cultural event Vinska vigred. Vigred is a traditional three day wine making event taking place on the old squates of Metlika in mid May. Also, we should mention Jurjevanje (St. George), a celebration of spring approaching. It is the oldest folklore festival in Slovenia, which takes place in June.

In Radovica you can step back 50 years in time by visiting a school called ”clever head”. In the 45 minutes you can get a taste of the school discipline of the old time. You can also visit the museum of exhibits antiques.



Radovica is also proud of its organized hiking. It’s worth pointing out Krašnji vrh, which is 2 kilometers away from Radovica. Routes are organized on the road or back roads. At the end of your trip there is a mountain hut 600 m above see level and a lookout tower from which you have a magnificent view of the entire Bela krajina and beyond.